All our VINYLS are printed on our high-quality outdoor grade, UV resistant vinyl. Weatherproof, waterproof, oil resistant and rated for up to 3 years outdoors.

Lamination options are available for almost all of our products for an even longer lasting sticker.

White Gloss Vinyl Our gloss is the most common selection, giving a shiny bright colour for eye catching stickers. PVC (vinyl) with permanent adhesive. 

White Matte Vinyl If you are not looking for shiny stickers, then the matte is for you, a subtle silk feel can add a touch of sophistication to your product.

Matte is a great option if you have the need to write on your sticker. PVC (vinyl) with permanent adhesive. 

Clear Gloss Vinyl :The transparency allows the product behind to show through the sticker and can look amazing. If the background colour is dark or similar to the text colour, we suggest adding White Ink or a white ink underlay to your stickers to avoid transparency or image loss. Transparent PVC (vinyl) with permanent adhesive. 

Clear Frosted Matte Vinyl: The ideal solution when you don’t want a white background or boarder on your matte products. The subtle translucency allows the packaging colour to subtly come through, whilst maintaining its luxurious soft touch and feel. Transparent PVC (vinyl) with permanent adhesive

Foil / Chrome Finish: Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, or any colour to suit your brand. This beautiful finish will add the EXTRA to your products you’ve have been looking for, capturing the light, to create an eye-catching shine. White Ink is also an amazing addition to this finish for the ultimate luxe look.

Textured Vinyl: Available in four sophisticated textured finishes, that will change your experience and your clients experience with your products.

Aphrodite – The goddess of our textured vinyl range. The subtle beauty and elegant lines of our linen vinyl will create the ultimate sensual experience.

Athens – The natural stone effect is aesthetically pleasing, with a granular look and feel, that invites you to touch and be transported.

Santorini – The ultimate destination. The stucco finish will whisk you away with its romance, charm, and breath-taking allure.

Zeus – The god of our textured vinyl range. With an impressive canvas weave, which will add a layer of visual interest and command attention in any space.

High Tack: Our strongest and most aggressive adhesive vinyl for all your heavy-duty applications. When you need a sticker for a difficult surface, you can’t go past our high tack vinyl.

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